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Found 5 results

  1. Greetings to everyone I Need casino shop software consisting of casino games. Games HTML5 Keno Roulette Bingo Holdem Poker This system is exactly Example keno and roulette games starts automatically every 5 minutes. players place bets on the shop owner in these 5 minutes. The owner of the shop prints and delivers the coupon as a game description to the player. Coupon game date-time-game number-betting amount-betting options qr code or barcode. This software is owned by Admin and shop admin will upload real money on credit to shop owner The shop owner is able to play the game up to this credit. Games can be found on the market as HTML5 code. Games must be android and iOS compatible I need successful developers to code this system and add games to it.
  2. I have had a random impulse to make a poker game a few days ago. URL : By the way, I have never played poker before. I have only seen them at game centers. Is this game working as it should be? Have I done right?
  3. Hi! Are you looking for High Quality HTML5 Games to publish on your website? Take a look at our portfolio! We have developed more than 170 game! We are top seller and elite author on CodeCanyon. In our portfolio you'll find all sort of game play: Arcade, Puzzle, Casino Games and many many more. Here there are some of our Flagships: Penalty Kicks The Sorcerer Greyhound Racing You'll get the whole source code, so you'll be free to customize the games as you want. We are also available to customize the games for you. Do not hesitate to contact me for any further info at Cheers! -Ida
  4. KARA 5 Kanvas is more of a shrine to the super girl group from South Korea, KARA . KARA 5 Kanvas includes 4 different games that use the same canvas. You can switch between the different games with the buttons above the canvas. When you first visit the page, you are presented with a slideshow of the beautiful ladies of KARA. The background and the smaller foreground images change periodically (about every 5 seconds.) The real highlight of KARA 5 Kanvas is the 5-card draw poker using a 5-suited deck. Each suit represents a member of KARA, and each suit/member gets their own color. Some differences between poker with a standard deck and KARA 5 Poker are: You can get a 5-of-a-kind (in the game this hand is called KARA 5). Flush (aka Honey) is much harder to get than full house (aka Umbrella). You get a bonus with hands that have one of each suit/color. Sometimes called Rainbow, in the game it's called "KARA sth". For ex, KARA Ship.You can refer to the payout table for every hand at the bottom of the Kanvas page. Full details of the development of KARA 5 Poker and the 5-suited deck can be found at KARA 5 Poker is also available for the Android. Great for gaming on the go. Each hand takes half a second to complete. In an elevator ride you can play dozens of hands. And it keeps your score. Below is an image inspired by the KARA 5 Poker. It changes every hour, so that you can see random hands. Perhaps use it like a horoscope? I sometimes use it as my sig on other forums. Next is the concentration/memory game of matching the pictures of the beautiful ladies of KARA. There's a timer to see how fast you completed the game. There are total about 126 different images, but each game only uses 25 of them. So every game uses a different random set of images and you'll have to play a lot to see all the images. Last is a prototype of a CCG called Idol Battle. Each card represents an idol or celebrity and has 3 stats. You fight other idol cards via a random contest based on mind, body, & soul and either higher or lower to win. Best out of 3 (there may be ties). This kanvas page was actually created a few years back. I almost forgot about it. I want to reintroduce it as I'm planning on making a Warsong clone, probably with Phaser. Attached are some screenshots.
  5. A Facebook version of our desktop card game has recently been released under a new name - Square Solitaire Duel. The game was previously integrated with the Polish social network, Nasza-Klasa, as Poker Solitaire. Since then, we have developed the game further. HERE IS A DIRECT GAME LINK. The rules and gameplay are the same as they were in the Polish version. The game with its features is more like a dueling game of multi-player solitaire than a typical poker match. We hope you will enjoy the game as we do! Check out the trailer video, the game features, and join us in a game now! Features of Square Solitaire Duel: Duel 1 vs 1 asynchronous - wait up to 24 hours for an opponents response. Freemium monetization: two virtual currencies: coins and gold. Weekly tournament Wheel of fortune as a daily bonus - players can win game boosters, drinks, gold and coins. Boosters are our original feature for the game. They allow players the option to see the next two cards from the deck, change the placement of two cards, withdraw the last used card, or reject the last card. Drinks are an addition to make the game more entertaining. Anyone can buy a drink to make the duel more enjoyable!