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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, I started recently playing with game coding using Phaser. This is really a nice framework. My first project is a simple (and opensource) brick breaker you can find out at https://github.com/QuentinouLeTwist/brick-breaker I'm still in the understanding and experimenting steps but one of the effect I do not understand right now is the choppy effect while increasing vertical velocity of the ball (maybe that's not the best practice at all). Visually that's not really nice you know... Also sometimes, the ball does the collision a bit above the paddle, I do not know why.
  2. I really liked Phaser and wanted to use it for game development but I find it to be impossible because of this issue. I'm using Chrome primarily and even with the most basic examples using just body.velocity to move a sprite around it is choppy at times. I can't figure out when and why it is choppy, but basically 30% of the time or so, the sprite is just moving choppily even at 60FPS. The issue also seems to be replicable when I switch back and forth between the tab the game is on and another random tab. I also encountered another issue where the game would just run at 30FP
  3. PlaceOfM

    Jerky HTML5 Games

    Hello, currently I am working on a 2D side scrolling game. When I start it on my computer everything runs fine and smooth. IE is about 300 FPS. Firefox is about 100-110 FPS. So its a side scrolling game and there are some clouds in the sky, flooting from right to left. I am rendering the game inside of a canvas element. But there is a problem in generell. When I am just using a square like context.fillRect(800,200) an move it to the left it gets very jerky on low FPS. Sometimes it jumps. Sometimes its smooth. I cant explain why this happens. Im working since three full days on this prob
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