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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everybody, I started recently playing with game coding using Phaser. This is really a nice framework. My first project is a simple (and opensource) brick breaker you can find out at https://github.com/QuentinouLeTwist/brick-breaker I'm still in the understanding and experimenting steps but one of the effect I do not understand right now is the choppy effect while increasing vertical velocity of the ball (maybe that's not the best practice at all). Visually that's not really nice you know... Also sometimes, the ball does the collision a bit above the paddle, I do not know why. Could it be a difference in the position of the body and the image ? Was thinking first, ok it's framerate issue maybe, but after checking the FPS, it is approaching 60 in game. But again, I'm not so technically advanced with all that to be sure what can be an issue in term of code or performance. The state game code : https://github.com/QuentinouLeTwist/brick-breaker/blob/master/src/states/Game.ts Do not pay attention to the structure of the project, it is still in thinking & refactoring phase. I refactor it again and again to make it clearer & scalable as much as possible but I'm at the beginning of that. So please do not hit me that much if you see some outrageous things, just tell me the right direction if you think I'm going to the wrong path. Hope you can help me. Bests regards and have fun coding !
  2. I really liked Phaser and wanted to use it for game development but I find it to be impossible because of this issue. I'm using Chrome primarily and even with the most basic examples using just body.velocity to move a sprite around it is choppy at times. I can't figure out when and why it is choppy, but basically 30% of the time or so, the sprite is just moving choppily even at 60FPS. The issue also seems to be replicable when I switch back and forth between the tab the game is on and another random tab. I also encountered another issue where the game would just run at 30FPS for no reason and then suddenly start running at 60FPS. I would love to use Phaser but these issues make me want to consider a traditional desktop environment, are there anyone else with these issues that might have a fix? I know about the "forceSingleUpdate" fix but I don't want any users to suffer potential physics calculation issues. I would also like to note that my computer shouldn't be the issue, but my specs are: i5-2500k @ 4.6Ghz, 2x Radeon HD 6970 (4GB VRAM total), 8GB DRAM. Running on Windows 7 on an Intel 128GB SSD.
  3. PlaceOfM

    Jerky HTML5 Games

    Hello, currently I am working on a 2D side scrolling game. When I start it on my computer everything runs fine and smooth. IE is about 300 FPS. Firefox is about 100-110 FPS. So its a side scrolling game and there are some clouds in the sky, flooting from right to left. I am rendering the game inside of a canvas element. But there is a problem in generell. When I am just using a square like context.fillRect(800,200) an move it to the left it gets very jerky on low FPS. Sometimes it jumps. Sometimes its smooth. I cant explain why this happens. Im working since three full days on this problem and try to fix it. Here is what i have done so far. 1. I tried a gameLoop that locks the FPS at 30. - Animations gets Jerky when they speed up. 2. I tried to set a maximum for delta time - I move the shapes based on the time since the last update call. I tryed to set a maximum for the gap between: no effect still jerky. 3. I tried animation based of the FPS - That is not what I want because the game behaves diferent on devices with better hardware. Nevermind: animations still choppy! 4. I read everthing I found googeling the keywords: "Choppy game, gameLoops in generel, Html5 Animation Jerky, etc.. " 5. I downloaded every game I could find in the app store where I think they are made with HTML5 and Canvas. Some are very Jerky and Choppy! But I found some running smooth. 6. I tryed pixijs to render my stuff : still choppy 7. I thought about buying impactjs: In the forum are some topics about stuttering 100Bugs maybe a bad buy if the problem is still there. 8. I thought about giving up an play WoW again. 9. I created an html5gamedevs account and hope someone can help me. There must be a way to get this going. Even the SNES gets smooth animations. Thanks!
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