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Found 1 result

  1. I really liked Phaser and wanted to use it for game development but I find it to be impossible because of this issue. I'm using Chrome primarily and even with the most basic examples using just body.velocity to move a sprite around it is choppy at times. I can't figure out when and why it is choppy, but basically 30% of the time or so, the sprite is just moving choppily even at 60FPS. The issue also seems to be replicable when I switch back and forth between the tab the game is on and another random tab. I also encountered another issue where the game would just run at 30FPS for no reason and then suddenly start running at 60FPS. I would love to use Phaser but these issues make me want to consider a traditional desktop environment, are there anyone else with these issues that might have a fix? I know about the "forceSingleUpdate" fix but I don't want any users to suffer potential physics calculation issues. I would also like to note that my computer shouldn't be the issue, but my specs are: i5-2500k @ 4.6Ghz, 2x Radeon HD 6970 (4GB VRAM total), 8GB DRAM. Running on Windows 7 on an Intel 128GB SSD.