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Found 1 result

  1. Greetings, BJS guru's!!! I need get right direction on yours experiens Task: we have scene with many different medium and small static objects on few objects (as table with glasses, books, notepads and etc... or city site with houses, pillars, cars and so on). And we wanna looking good shadows for this objects. First way: Render lightmaps for every objects in Blender and get heavy-metal loading time for scene, but fast rendering on weakly devices. And big headache, if some objects needs moving (new render lightmap and ...jump to start). Second way: Use babylonjs shadowgenetator's (PercentageCloserFiltering make very beauty shadows) with risk get slow render (oh where's my liked 60fps!?) :)) But for this task we have static objects... Perhaps Babylon can cache or generate lightmaps only once? Or this is the case for objects with freezeWorldMatrix flag? Or we need someways control this process? Or some otherwise? Or what? ) Please tell your's advice and sorry for language in message )