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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I encountered an error in "RenderingGroup.prototype.dispatch = function (subMesh)". This occured when I tried to activate shadows on a mesh. "material" is undefined in this case and produces an "needAlphaBlending of undefined" error.
  2. Hi all, I'm new to pixi. I decided to switch game engine, I used in my game, with pixi. I must say it has AMAZING performance on mobile devices (ipad, nexus 7). All is great exept one thing I found: if I set mouse and touch events like this: sprite.mousedown = sprite.touchstart = func;Then, sometimes, on mobile devices, a single touch dispatch 2 touch events. After debuging, I realized that it was not 2 touch events, but one touch and one mouse event! How can mouse event be dispatched on mobile device? So, when I set events like this: if (mobile) { sprite.touchstart = func;} else { sprite.mousedown = func;}Then all is ok. But I think that it should work with first example too. It's better to write 1 line of code then 4. This way I'm forced to write a function which will set events in order to not repeat if-else over and over again. Thanks. Bosko