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Found 3 results

  1. In short, does Phaser have a VR game mode? Well, I'm looking to develop VR games, either played with headset or turning your phone. In the past I used Aframe to do some simple 'look around and spot stuff' kinda games with panorama (hdri) sky images. I want to take the advantage of real game engine like Phaser which includes physics, score or time tracking etc.. so I don't have to write everything from scratch. Any ideas? Thanks everyone! I'm new here and this is my first post on this forum
  2. I'm trying to get my phone (S8) working like the video in this post, which has head and ray tracking in BabylonJS: That PG is: http://playground.babylonjs.com/#ASDZLT#24. I have an S8 and Gear VR and I am unable to get ray tracking and 3D head tracking working at the same time. What I have tried: Disabling Gear VR service (using Package Disabler) 1. Opening the PG with a web browser, but I have no controller. In Samsung Internet (normal or beta) or Chrome browser the head tracking works great, but no controller. Enabling Gear VR service opens oculus and I have tried these 2 options: 1. Opening Oculus browser. Have 2D scene (so side by side screens). Don't see any options for 3D. 2. Opening Samsung Browser in Oculus. Opens and controller works in 2D (with side-by-side screens), while head tracking doesn't. Switching to 3D Side-by-side wasn't 3D. I updated the firmware on my controller. Not sure what I am missing. Thanks.
  3. Hello, I have a project to build in short time which must support the stereoscopic display using a Samsung Galaxy S6 phone paired with the Samsung Gear VR. I recall that last year I was in a dialog with several developers on this forum including @JCPalmer and @Deltakosh where it appeared we were considering currently stopping full support of the Oculus camera specifically and moving to a more generic stereoscopic camera which could be modified to support most any VR headset using the stereoscopic BJS camera. I don't recall where we ended up, and if/how BJS continued support of the Oculus camera, but I quickly need to build a reasonably simple VFX project for multiple mobile devices (including Sony and other Android tablets, as well as IOS and Ipad) and to also identify the Samsung S6 and switch to a stereoscopic camera which supports the Oculus stereoscopic format. I'm also fine with building two different scenes - one for most mobile devices, and a seperate scene for the support of the Galaxy S6 paired with the Gear VR. Can anyone provide a code example which renders and displays stereo video on the S6 attached to the Gear VR; as well as what properties are available in the camera to deliver the best stereo imagery to the Gear VR? I know in our post discussions we covered all of the essential settings for a generic stereo camera such as covergence, divergence, parallax, interaxial seperation, etc., but don't recall defining any settings specific to the Oculus camera and the necessary rendering settings in support of their stereo format. If anyone has a sample scene and/or the camera code which has been tested and working with the Gear VR, this would assist me a great deal - as I won't need to spend the time once again discovering what works best for the Oculus (Gear VR) stereo display - and can focus all of my time on the scene - as I have a tight schedule to produce a series of stereo effects and controls as a proof of concept to show that babylon.js is capable of rendering everything the client has spec-ed out for the test, and to demonstrate that babylon.js is the best choice for the framework to support both 2D and stereo cameras for future projects - and specifically Oculus at this time since they are currently working directly with Samsung. Also, any assistance with supporting the Samsung Gear VR bluetooth controller would be highly appriciated, as this is the other additional spec which I must deliver in a scene which works for most any mobile device (no problem there) and the Oculus camera for the Gear VR and controller. I hve no previous experience using the Ger VR controller, and won't receive the S6, Ger VR, and controller until Thursday - and have a presentation scheduled for this Monday - not my call, but I don't see where there should be any problems other than my inexperience with actually rendering to the Gear VR and using their bluetooth controller. As always, thanks for any help and/or examples you might provide. Oh yeah - and please "wish me luck." DB
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