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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, I'm searching for Hex grid engine to make Battle Isle (DOS) clone in Phaser.js, if somebody can help me with that I'll be very gratefull cause I've found only this link which is broken -> Maybe there is a Phaser Hex Grid addon with documentation that I can't find ?
  2. I've been making this game for 3,5 years. It's a strategy game with hexagonal tiles and NATO military marks. As now, you can play only on one computer with friend. I don't know when I'll finish it (I want to make AI this summer). It's also not named yet. Link: With the link there's a game guide, but here are some tips: -there's a difference whether you click on an millitary unit or other part of hexagon, -it's pretty hard to make paths, as you can only make moves by a straight way, -paths are ended by clicking a hexagon two times, -you can effectively control cities with units of size 10 or more, -"taxes" is only giving money to another city, there can be two cities taxing each other, -a city needs a production level to make units which need steel,
  3. Heya! I've seen people asking how to do hex tiles and quite frankly, many solutions are just way too complicated. I've ripped the tile display engine out of one of my games to show how easy it can actually be. Demo: Source: It draws a small map and lets you hover around the different tiles. Have fun. I tried to over-document the code so let me know if there are issues. Edit: more than you ever needed to know about hex tiles here:
  4. Germiz is inspired by Go and Hex games, with some additions to make it unique You incarnate a micro-organism (a germ) and have to survive by duplicating and infecting other cells. antibodies are your ennemies and they'll try to eliminate you . One notable variant (from level 10 and above) is the fact that cells have life points, each germ will lose one life point per turn if it doesnt move or don't get infected. there are also some mutations you can aqcuire while playing that will give you new capabilities or give you more life points. this beta version is stable and fully playable, it feature 15 levels and we will soon add 30 more levels. first 10 levels are very easy to familiarise players with the gameplay and variants, the real challenge start at level 11. level 15 is a boss level, and that will be the case for level 30, level 45 ...etc new levels are in preparation and will be available soon with new mutations and cell types... comments and suggestions are welcome You can play germiz here :