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Found 3 results

  1. Hi there, im develong a game with ink. They are some planets and you shoot ink on them and then you conquer them. I use a temporal bitmapdata do draw render texture planets on it to use bitmapdata getpixel method to get if the planet is completely of a color (or almost). Im wondering if theres a better method because this is so laggy. Theres a way to get a pixel from renderTexture? conquer: function(p) { //I draw planet renderTexture on bmd bitmapdata to allow the getpixel function bmd.draw(p.capaPintura,0,0,(*2),(*2)); //Points of the planet to get pixels. col = []; col[0] = bmd.getPixelRGB(10,; //izquierda - centro col[1] = bmd.getPixelRGB(((*2)-10),; col[2] = bmd.getPixelRGB(,10); //centro - arriba col[3] = bmd.getPixelRGB(,((*2)-10)); if (col[0].rgba === col[1].rgba && col[2].rgba === col[0].rgba && col[0].rgba === col[3].rgba){ var c = 0; if(col[0].rgba === 'rgba(0,0,255,1)') c = 1; var colorPlanet = []; switch(c) { case 0: colorPlanet[0] = 0x550000; //Shadow color colorPlanet[1] = 0xAA0000; //Shadow color2 colorPlanet[2] = 0xFF0000; break; case 1: colorPlanet[0] = 0x000055; colorPlanet[1] = 0x0000AA; colorPlanet[2] = 0x0000FF; break; } //Shadow color pintData.beginFill(colorPlanet[0]); pintData.drawCircle(0, 0,*2); p.capaPintura.renderXY(pintData,,; //Shadow color 2 pintData.beginFill(colorPlanet[1]); pintData.drawCircle(0, 0,*2); p.capaPintura.renderXY(pintData,*1.1,*.9); //Planet color pintData.beginFill(colorPlanet[2]); pintData.drawCircle(0, 0,*2); pintData.endFill(); p.capaPintura.renderXY(pintData,*1.25,*0.75); } } Thats the code, i use it to check if the planet points (col[0], col[1], col[2] and col[3]) are of the same color, then if they are same color y draw on the planet renderTexture (p.capaPintura) colors of the conquerer ink. this is the planet after being conquerer by the blue team, the code works, but i have to use the conquer function once every time a planet is hit by ink or it wont work.. and its so laggy, theres a method to do it just with render textures?, i have to draw the planet renderTexture on bmd just to use getPixel, so if the planet is bigger then bigger is the lag i get because of that draw... .
  2. This game is an interactive fiction test that implements the inkle Ink language scripting with Phaser. The text of the adventure is Vampiro, by Jaume Alcazo, a project to test interactive fiction systems. Know more about the project: Proyecto Vampiro (page in spanish). The canvas generated with Phaser works as a container for the story. This allows you to create rich graphical interfaces for interactive fiction adventures. Also with this system you can create complex Visual Novels. Play the game (currently the story is only available in spanish) Source code
  3. Covacs

    Painting Shots

    Hi, im new here. I have one big doubt, I´m making a game where you shoot ink, and I'd love to staint the floor with it. But I don´t know how. Does anyone know how to do it? Any ideas? Thanks.