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Found 4 results

  1. A short interactive story. Get equipment, go fight a dragon, talk with a princess. Epic adventure. Created using Phaser 3 and Haxe, with custom (and for now very simple) "narration engine story" language for writing the actual story in and compiling down to data the game uses to handle the interactions. Play the game here: You can put the game on your portal using this url. The game is also available for licensing.
  2. Hi all, and welcome to Beached! (Prelude). After releasing Beached! (part 1) successfully last December, a sequel was just a matter of time. Beached! (Prelude) is a new teaser to Beached! (part 2), which will be released later this year. After shipwrecking your yacht on a reef, you find yourself on a deserted beach somewhere in the Caribbean. At first sight, there's nowhere you can go. Use your wit and common sense to escape anyway, without hurting yourself too much. Prelude is an escape room game that was initially designed to merely test drive the new parser and interface. But since we liked it so much, we decided to share it anyway. Since the release of Part 1, the amount of feedback has been overwhelming. You guys actually built this new game, since no feedback was laid aside. The best improvement of all is Mr. Theodore "Ted" C. Lim. He joined me for Prelude and is responsible for both the editing and the storytelling. He did a great job, guys! You'll notice while playing, I'm sure. So, have fun and... WACKIYAHOOWHAA! (...don't worry, you'll get that one) Ted and Ewald Beached! portal
  3. Hi there! My name is Ewald Bal. I'm the CSO at BrightSight-People, an indie software company from The Netherlands. I've always loved text adventures or Interactive Fiction nowadays. And I am proud to bring you a brand-new and totally free game called “Beached!” An oldschool text adventure with modern-day touches. In Beached! you play a stranded, cocky castaway roaming a deserted island in the Caribbean Sea. Help this poor guy survive the island, using nothing but it’s natural resources, which is easier said than done, of course. Beached! Is a small game, as it is the first in a series to come. Survival is your main goal in this first part, escaping the island will happen in later episodes. I hope you’ll enjoy Beached! For its atmosphere and crazy sense of humor if you force the protagonist into wacky situations. Play Beached! at: It’s a totally free game with NO advertisements. Please, mail feedback if you enjoyed the game (or not...) and suggest a good name for our hero, to be used in upcoming episodes. Greetz, Ewald Bal mail:
  4. This game is an interactive fiction test that implements the inkle Ink language scripting with Phaser. The text of the adventure is Vampiro, by Jaume Alcazo, a project to test interactive fiction systems. Know more about the project: Proyecto Vampiro (page in spanish). The canvas generated with Phaser works as a container for the story. This allows you to create rich graphical interfaces for interactive fiction adventures. Also with this system you can create complex Visual Novels. Play the game (currently the story is only available in spanish) Source code