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Found 2 results

  1. For anyone too young to remember, back in the 1980s there was this thing called LCD games. Before Nintendo introduced the GameBoy, electronics companies including Nintendo were making small handheld toys that used LCD crystals to display flickering shapes, the shapes could only be turned on or off. Using this crude form of animation they were able to create something that kind of resembled a videogame. Companies incl. Gakken, Tandy, Radio Shack, Sunwing, Tiger, Tomy called these games "card game" or just electronic lcd game, while Nintendo called their line "Game & Watch". Over the yea
  2. Cross post I've just updated the lcdgame.js library, see github page: https://github.com/BdR76/lcdgame.js See main page with all games here: http://bdrgames.nl/lcdgames/ Mario Bros and Highway are playable on pc and laptop, tablet/mobile support not yet available unfortunately. works in most browsers now, including tablet and mobile. edit: Sea Ranger is now also playable edit2: Donkey Kong II and Tom's Adventure have recently been added as playable games edit3: Jungle Kong and Eagle n Chicken are now also playable http://www.bdrgames.nl/l
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