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Found 25 results

  1. For anyone too young to remember, back in the 1980s there was this thing called LCD games. Before Nintendo introduced the GameBoy, electronics companies including Nintendo were making small handheld toys that used LCD crystals to display flickering shapes, the shapes could only be turned on or off. Using this crude form of animation they were able to create something that kind of resembled a videogame. Companies incl. Gakken, Tandy, Radio Shack, Sunwing, Tiger, Tomy called these games "card game" or just electronic lcd game, while Nintendo called their line "Game & Watch". Over the yea
  2. Hello! I have been working on a 3D rendering library built on top of PixiJS, and just want to find out if anyone would be interested to try it and give feedback. Pixi3D is a JavaScript library which makes it easy to render 3D graphics on the web. It works for both desktop and mobile web browsers and includes several components which makes it easy to create nice looking 3D scenes out-of-the-box: Load models from file or create procedural generated meshes Supports physically-based rendering (PBR) and image-based lighting (IBL) Transformation, morphing and skeletal ani
  3. Hey everyone! I've been a lurker for a while, but joined up to shamelessly plug my new library I built for my own PIXI projects. Hopefully someone else will find it useful too. I wanted an unopinionated way to make isometric tilemaps from sprites of different sizes/depths, one that would play nice with PIXI 💝 and allow me to be super flexible at runtime without much overhead. Let me know if you have any feedback or find it useful at all! https://github.com/sammccord/iceoh Example page
  4. Can anybody explain me why we have babylon.worker.js? What is differecnce betwee babylon.js? Greetings Ian
  5. Hi! I did a Game Jam recently, our group used the p5 library because someone suggested it to us, and indeed it helped us develop an ok prototype in a short amount of time. The game wasn't perfect at all of course, because 48 hours is still really short, but one of the main flaws that bothered me was the graphic integration; our graphistes liked working with pixel art, and we used a tileset to create the background map, which didn't tile right, with grey line appearing between tiles; on top of that, the other sprites didn't look nice at high resolution either, because of linear filt
  6. Hi there, Can anyone here point me in the direction of a Live2D tutorial or library that would work with Phaser? This seems like an interesting concept and I have not seen anyone try this yet to my knowledge. http://www.live2d.com/en/ https://avgjs.github.io/pixi-live2d-example/ Thanks in advance!
  7. Hi, Since the problem took me over a week to figure out, here is my solution to bundle your project using web-pack keeping Babylon as a dependency. NB: I am not certain what are the NECESSARY steps (ie what I could simplify) but those are SUFFICIENT steps. My constraints were : The final bundle can be imported both in the browser and in node using any kind of import method : require(), import/export, or <script src=...> tags It has to protect against errors in node due to access to window or document that will be undefined BABYLON has to l
  8. Hey everyone, I'm one of the developers of Curve Fever which is a multiplayer snake game. Due to a complete redesign and performance/loading issues we plan to remake the game with HTML5 canvas. We've already done a little bit of research but I'm already noticing there are hundreds of options for everything. Reading through each option would first of all take a lot of time and secondly it's always advertised better than it is and it leaves out the downsides. I'm looking for some general advice and some advice on frameworks and tools to use. I have a few concerns and requirements li
  9. Hi guys, I would like make a dos-look-style game using javascript. Can you suggest me what kind of library should I use? Tnx
  10. Can anybody explain why is babylon.core.js and babylon.noworker.js for? Should I include it or is babylon.js, cannon.js and Oimo.js enough to include javascript in html file?
  11. I was just wondering which Canvas/JS framework would best fit for building furniture simulator. I could technically build it with jQuery but I need something that will ease my work. Here is a screenshot I made: This is built with Flash but I need to build in JS. WHat do you think, would Phaser be best fit here? There is snap to objects, some spritesheet logic to simulate fake 3D and drag and drop elements to place. But yes it is for Canvas processing. The dashboard top would be html input fields I guess, even better if I could make them inside the canvas.
  12. Hello everyone, I hope you had great holidays! I am back at work now and found these new materials very interesting. While implementing the new "sky material", I encountered the following error: File: /dist/babylon.skyMaterial.js this._effect = scene.getEngine().createEffect(shaderName, attribs, ["world", "viewProjection", "vFogInfos", "vFogColor", "pointSize", "vClipPlane", "luminance", "turbidity", "rayleigh", "mieCoefficient", "mieDirectionalG", "sunPosition" ], [], join, fallbacks, this.onCompiled, this.onError);
  13. I need to provide the user with the ability to enter some text, click a button, execute an API call, and show the results on the screen. What are the options for some sort of user interface UI library to do the above, or am i better off doing it directly in Phaser? I tried EZGUI but it's a little confusing and bits are buggy at present (i've reported things in the issue queue to help). Any other alternatives I should check out ?
  14. Hi everyone, I wanted to point everyone to two examples we just put online. They are part of the examples of a new free service named PlugPIN JS that we just launched. This service turns smartphones into remote controls for games, websites and apps. Here are the two links to the examples, both built with Threejs: 1. Simple Shooter http://surf.plugpin.com/apps/demo-walkthrough/ 2. Remote Controls with Gyro http://surf.plugpin.com/apps/demo-orientation/ The second example is fully documented under "onOrientationChange()" in the Docs. We hope you like it and that it sparks your crea
  15. CEWBS - Fast Voxels in Motion Github/Download: https://github.com/TriBlade9/CEWBSDemo: http://triblade9.wc.lt/CEWBS [Middle-click: grab/release mouse (Click in the center), F: fly/walk, Left-click: break voxel, Right-click: place voxel]CEWBS is a MIT-Licensed library for BabylonJS which provides a VoxelMesh object for creating optimized (greedy) voxel meshes. It currently provides methods to create, update, poll, color, and pick voxels. (See README.md) The goal is to separate voxel meshes from the world 'grid' by allowing them to be rotated, scaled, moved, affected by collisions, physics, an
  16. Hi, I'm new to HTML5 game development and I need help choosing a framework that best suits my needs. I'm trying to make a multiplayer card game that uses Facebook login to manage users. I've worked as a web designer for a few years now so I don't want to stray too far away from my comfort zone. I'm not very familiar with canvas. I'd like something that is lightweight and preferably uses SVG for graphics. I'd also like to do animations in CSS where possible because I'm familiar with it. Think: AngularJS for games? Thanks.
  17. Do you know a good javascript particle library that is easy enough to integrate? It's one of those things you could program yourself easily, but it will still take time. I tried ParticleEmiterJs, a plugin someone made for CreativeJs, but it was really buggy. Any advice?
  18. Hi, could someone please explain what a widget library is and where would you find the result of it on your game, or on whatever you're building? Thanks!
  19. Hello, I would like to share this little node.js script I made for automatically minimizing and compressing projects for the js13kb contest. https://github.com/Paul-Andre/js13kbCompressor All you have to do, once you installed the dependencies( npm install ), is to replace the contents of the "public" directory with your files, and to execute the script (nodejs compress.js). The script will minimize and compress your files, and it will tell you if your project is small enough! Currently it minimizes only .js and .css files, but you may add other extensions as well. This is nothing fanc
  20. So, hello to everyone, I'm new here. I found this site, and figured it would be a great place to talk about what I'm trying to create. So, after developing my first game in HTML5/JS, I found too much boilerplate that I didn't like, as I'm sure we all have. The game is called Huoli Arcade. and it's a revised game I originally wrote in C about 1.5 years ago. You can check it out here: http://www.brooklyncodebits.com/index.php/software-games/158-huoli-arcade-2013-version After I was finished, I was (and still am) eager to start work on another arcade shoot em up game. However, I couldn't he
  21. benny!


    Another drawing API ... http://jonobr1.github.io/two.js/ Is it just me - or does the amount of relases of new javascript drawing/game API seem to explode in the last days
  22. I've ported the Ash Framework to Javascript and it can be found on github at: http://brejep.github.io/ash-js/. Ash is a high-performance entity system framework for game development originally written in Actionscript 3. It organizes code in an interesting way that is reminiscent of data-driven programming. Those of you with backgrounds in Flash and Actionscript may know the Ash Framework already but more information can be found at http://www.ashframework.org/. There are a couple of good introductory articles there as well as links to other ports and demos. Hope this is useful to some o
  23. rot.js is a set of JavaScript libraries, designed to help with a roguelike development in browser environment. http://ondras.github.com/rot.js/hp/
  24. Hello, let me introduce you my new open-source library PolyK - http://polyk.ivank.net . It is written in pure JavaScript, without any bindings to DOM, CSS or anything else. It is a set of several functions, which take an array of numbers and process it. It my be useful for some games, but you can use it even for non-graphical computation. I have several ideas for games, which may use that library. I don't have a time to make them, but maybe you will you click on some button in the middle of labyrinth (polygon) and you have to get mouse cursor out without touching the polygon. (PolyK.C
  25. Makes JavaScript Better Modular Design Designed for Scale Lightweight and Optimized Portable JavaScript Code Supports Module Sharing Simplifies Dependency Management Supported by eBay http://raptorjs.org/
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