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Found 2 results

  1. Is my setup of LUT texture inside defaultRenderingPipeline wrong? (play with boolean line 12) I don't understand why I haven't the same render than the LUT post process. Bug or PEBKAC?
  2. Hi there - I'm going down a rabbit hole trying to implement a color grading / LUT shader for PIXI. Color grading is where you can you use a sprite as a lookup table to quickly transform one set of colors to another - this is handy for applying realtime contrast and color adjustments. I'm using this as a reference: I've created a filter/shader using the code in the link above: var ColorGradingShader = function(LUTSprite) { var my = this; var code = ` precision lowp float; uniform vec4 filterArea; varying vec2 vTextureCoord; uniform sampler2D uSampler; uniform sampler2D lut; #define MAXCOLOR 15.0 #define COLORS 16.0 #define WIDTH 256.0 #define HEIGHT 16.0 void main() { vec4 px = texture2D(uSampler, vTextureCoord.xy); float cell = px.b * MAXCOLOR; float cell_l = floor(cell); float cell_h = ceil(cell); float half_px_x = 0.5 / WIDTH; float half_px_y = 0.5 / HEIGHT; float r_offset = half_px_x + px.r / COLORS * (MAXCOLOR / COLORS); float g_offset = half_px_y + px.g * (MAXCOLOR / COLORS); vec2 lut_pos_l = vec2(cell_l / COLORS + r_offset, g_offset); vec2 lut_pos_h = vec2(cell_h / COLORS + r_offset, g_offset); vec4 graded_color_l = texture2D(lut, lut_pos_l); vec4 graded_color_h = texture2D(lut, lut_pos_h); vec4 graded_color = mix(graded_color_l, graded_color_h, fract(cell)); gl_FragColor = graded_color; } `;, null, code); my.uniforms.lut = LUTSprite.texture; } ColorGradingShader.prototype = Object.create(PIXI.Filter.prototype); ColorGradingShader.prototype.constructor = ColorGradingShader; export default ColorGradingShader; I then add this to my top level container: //relevant code from a wrapping class this.colorGradingSprite = new PIXI.Sprite.fromImage('/img/lut16.png'); this.pixiContainer.filters = [ this.colorGradingFilter ]; When using any LUT image, including the default without any color adjustments: I go from this: to this: I'm assuming there are some adjustments necessary to either the shader code, or how the lut sprite itself is being loaded - I have no clue.. Any help would be greatly appreciated! And for those curious, here's my end goal: Thanks, Sean