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Found 2 results

  1. Hi everyone, A few weeks ago Ezelia started a thread about ECS and HTML5 games. As a big fan of this pattern, I decided to build and release my own engine. It is called makr.js and is available on Github (https://github.com/ooflorent/makrjs) under MIT license. A basic sample is available into examples/. The library must be build using grunt in order to test the sample. Any feedback would be appreciated! Update (2015-01-06): Version 2 is under active development (more information) Feedback is welcome!
  2. After fidding around with makrjs as my choice for an ECS on a little project using Phaser I decided to tidy up my code some and release it as a plugin for Phaser. https://github.com/woutercommandeur/phaser-ecs The repository contains the 2 examples that makrjs provides but then ported to the plugin I wrote. The examples are the only source of documentation for now as I have not worked on that. But it's all a pretty thin wrapper around makrjs so it should speak for itself. Hope it is useful to someone, enjoy!
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