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Found 1 result

  1. Gir

    Email Games

    Hey everyone! I've been wondering lately if I could use html5, inline-css, and media queries to make a point-and-click game in webkit-supported email clients? It SEEMS feasible as webkit allows for the use of vector css such as: @-webkit-keyframes rotateIn { 0% { -webkit-transform-origin: center center; transform-origin: center center; -webkit-transform: rotate(-360deg); transform: rotate(-360deg); } 100% { -webkit-transform-origin: center center; transform-origin: center center; -webkit-transform: rotate(0); transform: rotate(0); } } I understand that there isn't much "graceful degradation" in this when it comes to older clients like Outlook or non-webkit supported clients like Gmail, but I'm optimistic for the future of email. Any advice or help with understanding the rules for something like this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks! P.S.- I've looked everywhere for documentation or even a thread on this, but have come up short.