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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm working on creating a site with BabylonJS and I need to make a planet, I have setup most of the look and feel about it but the only thing I'm missing are the clouds, so I want to add clouds similar to this site (earth) But don't know where to start, I haven't found anything explaining how can I add two or more materials/textures to the same Sphere for example. Any help is appreciated!
  2. can someone explain what is going on in I want to generate textures similar to this but the documentation on mutlimaterials does not seem to cover what he is doing. Ive looked at and am trying to understand at what point does he actually assign the texture, and is he having to split the object up (it does not look like it) I have tried to create my own shaders, but do not understand how to run the gulp() in order to build them and shader language is a little above my head. It looks like he is getting around this without custom shaders though? basically, I want to eventually be able to apply textures to elevation and angle ranges, like the terrain mask in C4D. I also want to be able to add Levr Filters to the blending between the textures to promote break up. Anyone able to point me in the correct direction?