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Found 2 results

  1. Hi gang. I have another noob question. I have a direction vector (-1, 0, 0). Let's pretend that is "forward". (it could be a much more complex direction, too) If I want to "derive"/calc a LEFT and RIGHT direction... based-upon the first direction, what might be the best way? Or, ANY way. Essentially, I need v3.leftFromDirection(firstDirection) and v3.rightFromDirection(firstDirection) Would that be "left orthogonal" and "right orthogonal"? I think so. firstDirection.negate() returns the opposite direction, so that condition is handled. Can anyone help? Thx!
  2. Hi folks, here I am bothering you on this forum hahaha. I've tried, unsuccessfully, to rotate a tree so it can be perpendicular to the surface of an sphere at some point. You can see what I did at http://uvshop.co/mimundo/. (I have use, without his permission, @Temechon trees, you can visit his tutorial here) The trees positions are genereted by using a random theta and phi angles: Here is a pic And heres is another Thanks in advances and sorry for my bad english
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