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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everyone , im sorry for my english so im pretty new to phaser3 and i want to create educational coding game for kids using typescript ,the kid should drag the arrows and drag them into places and then hit the button run so i declared an array to stock every arrow (image) that he dropped and then when run is clicked, i itterate the array and in function of the image's name the sprite get animated my code looks like this : //paly is the run button // this.play.on('pointerdown', () => { for (var i = 0; i < array.length ; i++) { console.log(array);
  2. Hello, Is there a way to save actual map state, for example after moving player and boxes in Sokoban? I got my map in json file
  3. Introduction I am a big fan of strongly typed programming languages, and a big fan of Phaser. So TypeScript was a no brainer for me. The thing about TypeScript and phaser for me was a bit of a learning curve in terms of project setup and configuration. The last thing I was using was a combination of gulp, browserify, watchify, and uglify. Plus, setting up a nodeJS server, in order to boot phaser in localhost, and furthermore, run the server in a cloud service, in my case, I used Heroku. This can be a little bit of a turn off for most users who just want to start building video g
  4. // Scene { create: function() { // I add a group let titleGroup = this.add.group() // add something... let title = titleGroup.create(0, 100, 'title') let bird = titleGroup.create(100, 100, 'bird') // now I need adjust the group to appropriate position // compile Error! titleGroup.getChildren.forEach(child => { child.setPosition(50, 20) }) // comment last few lines! // ok~~ titleGroup.getChildren.forEach((child: Phaser.GameObjects.Sprite)=> { child.setPosition(50, 20) }) } } So, getChildren seems return something
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