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Found 2 results

  1. Hi all I'm struggling to debug an issue with my babylon.js app when embedded in a Drupal page. The click events are definitely registering (ie I can orbit that camera by click-dragging and have got it to write the co-ordinates scene.pointerX and scene.pointerY to the chrome console). However for some reason when I click on a mesh (I've a load of boxes in the scene) pickInfo is not returning a hit and therefore not allowing me to drag the boxes around. I have tried it just embedded in a standard non-drupal html page (with my babylon app in a separate .js file, and it works fine allowing me to click and move the meshes around. I've tried tracing it through in Chrome Developer tools with breakpoints and it is just failing to register a hit. Not sure where to go next ... has anyone seen this before? Thanks Rich
  2. I've always enjoyed the "adventure game" which means solving puzzles and following story lines. Here is a puzzle I first encountered in the 1990s - three versions : 1. Easy - can be done with 3 clicks minimum 2. Harder - can be done with 5 clicks minimum 3. Hardest - can be done with 7 clicks minimum Aim of the puzzle is to get all buttons green. You can click on a red button to turn it green - however, doing so changes other non-clicked buttons. All the data necessary to control the behaviour of the buttons comes from the names of objects in the babylon file - exported from Blender - hence the string parsing you see in the javascript code. The code took me longer than geometry building in Blender Anyone recognize the puzzle - and what game did it appear in ? cheers, gryff