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Found 5 results

  1. Is it possible to make a button input that ignores the transparent area of the image? I have several buttons on the same position and the transparent areas overlaps so it is not allowing me to press the buttons on the bottom.
  2. Having a lot of trouble getting pixel art graphics to not be blurry. There are a lot of people having the same problems I find, but many articles are 2 or 3 years old. I have tried canvas, pixi.js and phaser for displaying graphics, phonegap and Intel XDK for making apps. Even solutions that work on desktop don't seem to work on mobile devices because of the higher dpi. It's still blurry. This method of scaling also apparently breaks touch input, so any solutions for that would be appreciated. I think the main problem is the browser is scaling the canvas pixels up to match the dpi. I want to be able to work without anything getting scaled. Is there any hope? It seems like something we should have solved by now...
  3. Hi, I'm currently involved in the making of a simple hidden objects game. I have around 100 objects overlapping one another and, because of that, I need it to be pixel perfect on hover and click events. When I place every object on game stage, I set its properties using this function: function placeObject(posX, posY, key, flag) { var obj = game.add.sprite(posX, posY, key); = key; obj.answer = false; obj.clicked = false; obj.inputEnabled = true; obj.input.useHandCursor = true; obj.input.pixelPerfectOver = true; obj.input.pixelPerfectClick = true;, this); obj.anchor.setTo(0.5, 0.5);, this); // sets alpha property down as feedback to the user, this); // sets alpha property back to 1 arrObjects.push(obj); } It works just fine except that the feedback I defined on hover takes almost 2 seconds to happen. I've read that pixelPerfectOver and pixelPerfectClick properties are very expensive and I imagine that is the reason why the response is slow with so many objects on screen checking pixels everytime mouse moves. So, my question is: Is there a way of optimising that so it responds more quickly? Here is what I have so far: Thank you very much.
  4. When trying to use pixelperfect checks IE9 throws SCRIPT5022: DOM Exception: SECURITY_ERR (18) mysprite.input.pixelPerfectOver = true;mysprite.input.pixelPerfectClick = true; I have this set if it matters: load.crossOrigin = "Anonymous" The server has header Access-Control-Allow-Origin: * Same code works on IE11, Chrome, Safari. Is there a good way to get this working? I can do other image operations on the same image such as redrawing it on bitmapdata and alpha masking without this problem.
  5. Hi, MightyEditor will be updated, planned update time 1h here are the latest updates for MightyEditor: Now it's possible to save the project state! There are 2 new options under Projects dropdown menu: Save - saves the current project state (uses the current datetime (iso format) as the name) Save as... - allows the user to name the state Saved states are located under MyMighty -> SavedStates tab. Home button moved from Project -> Home dropdown to the logo in the top left corner. New map option added - pixelPerfectPicking. Useful if you have sprites with high opacity. You can access map settings by clicking on the free spot on the map. 2 new project properties added: skipFrames (enabled by default) - enables frame skipping in the created movies. See: Animations should now be playing at the same speed as they would in the game, however not as smooth as they will in the game, the reason for this is that ME is jumping from frame to frame instead of smooth interpolation - as the phaser tween manager in the game does it. roundPosition - atm. very experimental, forces integers (rounded numbers) for x/y coordinates. Now animations created with mt.helper should end on the correct frame (last frame included). Leaving animation (back button or esc key) - resets all to frame 0. This should fix some random inconsistencies with the saved map and the actual map. Project properties are located under MyMighty -> Properties tab. Usability improved while copying / pasting objects with Alt key: * new objects will be added to the correct parent * new group will be added at the same level as the source group New Object control button added - Duplicate - duplicates selected object(s) (Ctrl + D). Objects with atlas texture will now remember frame name and will try to find a new frame on the atlas update with a corresponding frame name. Export will also expose a new attribute: frameName. ctrl + click removed - for selecting group instead of an object (conflicting with snap to grid functionality). Shortcut key added - G - instead - to select the selected object's parent. Miscelaneus improvements to the source editor - it shouldn't crash anymore on random circumstances (too heavy intellisense?).