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Found 5 results

  1. Hello friends, I'm totally new to Pixi.js and canvas in general. I'm trying to develop my favorite board game Patchwork, where I have a scrollable container with patches from which player can select one. Above the canvas I have two buttons for controlling the scrolling direction. Each time player clicks on one of these buttons, the x coordinate of the container updates. I was wondering if there is any 'best practice' way to implement infinite scrolling of the container (such as creating an infinite image gallery)? I have a few ideas, but I wan't to hear other opinions before I really dive into implementing the solution to this problem. Here are some screenshots for reference: Thank you in advance!
  2. Ok, so I'm trying to set up an inventory system for a game of mine in Phaser 2.5.0 and there doesn't seem to be a way to have a scrollable view in for my inventory. I'm trying to make an inventory similar to that of Fallout's where part of the screen scrolls through the items, while the other part shows the item's description and picture (no fullscreen scroll please). Has someone found a work around to this? If I can't use a scroll view would the next best thing be a multi-page inventory? Maybe a grid based one? Any ideas? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys. For my mobile game I need to make part of the screen scrollable (The marked space in the picture). Does anyone have an idea on how to do that? Thanks in advance! scrollable
  4. Hi, What we would like to do in a game UI is that something like a vertical scrollable/dragging table which lists items e.g. some weapons. So we create a container, then add a large image as background. And then add some items on top of background. The background image is draggable like the dragging example http://pixijs.github.io/examples/index.html?s=demos&f=dragging.js&title=Dragging and the items are set up with click event. Thing works great except if you mouse down on a clickable item and try to drag the table. It fails since the mouse down event of the background image is not fired.
  5. I've developed simple game which is scene by scene by task completion, so i developed with section wise so once one task completed next task will appear through page navigation. I couldnt complete one task the task is , in the top list of relevant and irrelevant item should touch scrollable so that user will be touch scroll left and right and the item also should be drag and drop to the container. On leaving the item will be large and drops. Then the dragged item should be in the top scrollable list too. So anyone help me to do. Thanks in adv.
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