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Found 4 results

  1. I need to make whole stage scrollable with scrollbar. Can I just make a huge renderer on page (bigger than browser window) and scroll using browser scrollbar? Or this is a bad idea and I need to make my own scrollbar inside renderer using pixi.js? In both cases I would make offscreen sprites not renderable for optimisation.
  2. I am trying to develop a custom made scroll-bar(or should I call it number-picker) with graphical elements and input functions. I think there is an example where a certain Phaser game object can be constrained in coordinates. For example it can be set to only move along X axis in certain range, but Y stays always unchanged. I should be able to drag it only in X axis, so left and right. Can you suggest some example for this bit? Here is a picture of what I try to do: As you move the handle to right, the number on the left decreases down to zero. As you move the handle to the left, the number increases up to 100. Simple. Note: No need for Physics.
  3. Hey, I'm working on my game and I wanted to know if it was possible to get an external JSON from PandaJS. Also, can we use a text object who render html tags, like Flash ? My last question is to know if a Container can be scrolled (via scrollbar for example) ? Thanks a lot, I searched the net, the documentation & this forum but can't find any answer. ThanosS
  4. Hi ! We are making a game with huge amount text. The UI are in HTML/CSS, and when the player need to move, it's in a canvas. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r0iQfDo5U-A At this moment, I use CSS media queries and zoom property to scale the game. It's work pretty fine on Webkit browser, but Firefox pixelise the game (and i don't know how this perform in mobile webview). I want to migrate into full canvas game, because it's easier to scale all the game and switch to differents scenes, but how do you handle the UI ? I have two questions : - I want to be able to have a hover on image menu, but do I need to redraw all the time the scene ? - How manage scrollbar for long text ? Are there a framework not collision oriented, but more on UI ?
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