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Found 4 results

  1. Hey fellow devs, I have created an open source layer called IGX. This is an SDK that has multiple purposes: Bridges the gap between Facebook Instant Games and the web, allowing Facebook Instant Game developers to deploy their games to web and monetise them with little to no changes Enables web game developers to include support for Facebook Instant Games before deploying to the platform Enables all developers to use a common API which allows them to deploy their games across many web portals and provides common game services Extend the IG platform, providing new featu
  2. nicoltoons

    Sdk integration

    Hello, I'm new to programming and this forum. However, I have used Game maker to create some Android games. I have a subscription sdk I need to integrate with my games; files are in java format. I tried with the sample project Game maker provided on Creating Native Android Sdks . It worked but here I have multiple .java files and don't know which one to call. Please I need a .gmez extension I can work with and share with anyone who needs it for free. The rest of the files are located here https://www.dropbox.com/sh/x5wqm6mii86rdb1/AAAVPPhLN4h166gT7fyvmS8wa?dl=0 In
  3. Hi I'm Thomas co-founders of Ukkio. I would like to introduce you our platform for HTML5 games. It is based on a very simple concept: to play a game, the user must insert a coin. The price of a coin is $ 0.06 and we sell them in packages. We thought that this system allows users to try more games without any advertising. We strongly believe in "Do Not Disturb" the player with banners, especially in mobile devices. Ok in-app purchase exists, but in our opinion has ruined many games (on the player side). The 70% of the coin's value goes to the developer. Players have free coins at the first ac
  4. I was just surfing developer.ubuntu.com and then I was amazed to see Ubuntu SDK Beta Release post! Ubuntu SDK aims to support HTML5 app development and native theme for them so they have the look and feel of native apps. It is very important in Linux because unlike windows there are like hundreds of popular themes which people use. Like I used a customized theme with feel of OSX and icons of GNOME. Thanks ubuntu for making HTML5 first class citizen. Original Ubuntu SDK Beta release post: http://developer.ubuntu.com/2013/07/ubuntu-sdk-beta-released/
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