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Found 6 results

  1. In a scene add an ActionManager to a mesh. Register an action triggered by BABYLON.ActionManager.OnIntersectionEnterTrigger serialize the scene try to convert the serialized object to string you will get the following error "Line 46:28 - Converting circular structure to JSON" see playground example http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1UTZEV#10 if you comment out line 42 "sphere.actionManager.registerAction(action);" then it works fine. Please check
  2. Hello, I wanted to know the list of everything that does not serialize on a scene. I figured that some thing do not, but where can know what is not with a complete list. I think there is the LOD ? physics ? . . . Thank you
  3. Get the following error while serializing scene mesh.getPhysicsImpostor(...) is undefined - babylon.2.4.max-latest.js:35216:13 serializeMesh() - babylon.2.4.max-latest.js:35216 SceneSerializer.Serialize() - babylon.2.4.max-latest.js:35393 ....
  4. I have a .babylon file containing a mesh and a skeleton (with animation) I load the mesh and skeleton into a scene, twice, using the SceneLoader ImportMesh() function. So now if I have a scene with two mesh and two skeleton. If I play animation on one skeleton it only animates the mesh it is attached to. So far so good Now I serialize the scene and save it to a file. I load the scene using the SceneLoader Load function. I play animation on one skeleton. Both the meshes are animated. !! I think the issue is that, unlike mesh and bones, skeletons do not have a uniqueId. In a serialized scene, meshes have references to skeleton ids and that skeleton id not unique. I think we should have uniqueId for each skeleton instance and when the scene is serialized the mesh should be serialized referencing their skeletons uniqueId.
  5. animation get corrupted when serialized. see http://ssatguru.appspot.com/babylonjs/animtest/test.html This is a simple scene playing the dude walk animation. clck save button to serialize the scene click load button to load the serialized scene back in. see what happens to the animation see the html source for the code
  6. Hello Everyone! I am wondering is there a way to save a dynamic texture to disk for later use?
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