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Found 4 results

  1. BABYLON.Tags does not seem to be working with serializer See demo http://ssatguru.appspot.com/babylonjs/animtest/testtag.html click "Save" button then "Load" - works click "Tag It", "Save" then "Load" -fails , console shows error message "Uncaught TypeError: i.split is not a function" See source html for code.
  2. Hello! http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#227X5L#0 Faces with strange behavior: If i make empty node, attach child with him, it not present in serialized object. But if we load file (blender generated) with empty nodes (haven't geometry) with childs - we have normal stricture. How can influence it? Very usefull grouping objects in empty Nodes.
  3. Hi! Perhaps i found another small moustached features 1. If we turn on tags for object (EnableFor(obj), but not set any tags, then SceneSerializer save lexeme like this: "tags":{ } It's Ok. 2. If we try load such scene file, we got error: babylon.2.2.max.js:27559 Uncaught TypeError: tagsString.split is not a function I think we need check string of tags on empty, we haven't split string in this case.
  4. Hi! I found small bug in serializer. It crash, if i try serialize scene with ShaderMaterial's. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'asArray' of undefined serializeMaterial @ babylon.max.js:24503 SceneSerializer.Serialize @ babylon.max.js:25000 ambientColor and etc property's is not present in ShaderMaterial's. I think we need one 'if' there, who exclude all shaderMaterials from srialize process.
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