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Found 2 results

  1. Hey guys, I was trying to finally update to the newest stable version but it makes my spheres glow (wrongly emissive from a distance and also from the dark side of the spheres. But, I'm pretty sure it's not due to lack of light). Anyhow, the bug only happens in Firefox 58.0.2 (that I know of) . But, the preview version and stable version both have it. I figure it's related to something you were already aware of... but just in case this is a new version of the bug... Mostly working old version of babylon.custom.js: Buggy version on stable 3.1: (you probably won't see the problem if you're not on Firefox) You guys are nothing but amazing, I have no complaints. Just trying to help/learn.
  2. Hi, Why is it that when I have a mesh disabled (i.e. mesh.setEnabled(false)) any intersectsMesh by it or against it returns true? Setting the method's second parameter 'precise' to true does not help. This output seems counter intuitive and I do not believe it is what anyone would expect. In fact, my intuitive expectation is that by having the mesh disabled, any intersectsMesh on it or against it should return false (even if the mesh being tested with it is in the same position that it would appear in if enabled). What do you think? Playground showing the problem (watch out for the browser console which prints the result of the intersectsMesh method testing two exclusive spheres in position which one of them is disabled):