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Found 5 results

  1. I am using the "camera.main.shake()" function How to do make sure that certain graphics like the UI ignore the shake? For example if had this box var newGraphic = this.add.graphics({ lineStyle: { width: 2, color: 0x555555 }, fillStyle: { color: 0xeeeeee } }); var rect = new Phaser.Geom.Rectangle(); rect.width = 500; rect.height =500; rect.x = 0; rect.y = 0; newGraphic.strokeRectShape(rect); Thanks
  2. I'm developing a game that makes generous use of camera.shake. Since I've added shaders (filters), I've noticed that camera.shake only affects some layers of the graphics, resulting in artifacts like in the attached picture. A filter is applied on the lava. Notice the misalignment of the ground tiles with the other layers -- the ground tiles got moved by the shake, but everything else unexpectedly stayed in place. When disabling the filter, camera.shake works as expected. Am I doing something wrong? Is this a bug? Panning the camera manually through the x/y coordinates does not exhibit this artifact.
  3. I'm have a camera effect in my game that shakes the camera when you shoot an enemy. However, the game has to have some on screen buttons for tablet devices and I don't want these to shake. Ive currently got these in a group. Is it possible to have these outside of the camera so they aren't affected by the shake?
  4. Read here http://toybrainstudio.com/?p=435
  5. MXPain

    shake effect

    I try to shake the camera on a timer but it does not move, what could be wrong? cameraShake: function() { var min = -20; var max = 20; this.game.camera.x+= Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min; this.game.camera.y+= Math.floor(Math.random() * (max - min + 1)) + min; },
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