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Found 2 results

  1. Here is some Phaser 3 / SignalR multiplayer Tanks game for desktop or mobile: https://tanksapp.azurewebsites.net/ Please PLEASE send me some feed on your first glance of the game, and thank you in advance!! Edit (2019-Dec-19 10:25 p.m.): Fixed canvas for mobile but im working on buttons, so desktop meanwhile Edit (2019-Dec-21 06:02 p.m.): Added mobile joystick and button to shoot, it enables/disables when u r on mobile or not, in PC uses arrows and space bar. Added some console to check on objects. Edit (2019-Dec-23 12:13 a.m.): Added preload screen, ordered some messed code, and added Ping number to console. Soon: Players Hall of Fame! Edit (2019-Dec-25 10:42 p.m.): Had some problems with my hosting, so moved to Azure and now websockets work nicesly!. Fixed some animation and bugs too. Edit (2019-Dec-28 10:06 p.m.): Added High Score, now dead players/bots drop some "hearts" that give the one who take it some health, added input for "Player Name" to score the High Score. Edit (2019-Dec-29 10:06 p.m.): Fixed some bot AI issues to improve performance. Edit (2020-Jan-04 12:39 a.m.): Added tile map (and map collision logic applied to tile map).
  2. I've been programming for a few years now, and started writing javascript several months ago. I'm writing a web game in C# and javascript using SignalR and Fabricjs. If I could chat with a web dev guru, I would have an annoying number of questions. This is mainly because I'm completely self-taught and uncertain that I'm doing things the right way, or rather, that I'm not doing things the wrong way. I'm here to ask for general guidance about my code. I'm not asking for anyone to try to find bugs, but rather, I'm asking for a more experienced developer to let me know if there is something which is obviously a bad practice in my code. Here is my GitHub repo: https://github.com/Rydez/SignalRApp Here is the live app: http://Www.rmmelendez.com/justforfun Thanks to anyone who takes the time to help. P.S. Please use Chrome or Firefox
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