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Found 1 result

  1. I know something seems to be wrong here. I"m using the simpliest example, the one in the beginning docs, the full HTML given there. I am running static. I've managed to get the HTML to load statically (i.e. no localserver, no webserver, just off the desktop) and have the generated babylon.js file in the same directory as the index.html page. I know it's loading and finding the .js file. It fails in the same place whether I use my custom generated babylon js file or if I point the page to the same babylon.js file that the playground uses. the error from the inspector is: Uncaught TypeError: scene.render is not a function I am running in Chrome, but I have no issues with running Playground in Chrome. Also the HTML does the same thing in IE (though it's debugger picks up no errors, just won't run beyond creating the canvas). Error reported from Chrome: BJS - [17:31:37]: Babylon.js engine (v3.1-alpha) launched index.html:79 Uncaught TypeError: scene.render is not a function at index.html:79 at r._renderLoop (babylon.js:4) It points at the line in index.html (at scene.render) engine.runRenderLoop(function () { // Register a render loop to repeatedly render the scene scene.render(); }); Attaching the index.html file. Any ideas? I don't want to have to deal with localserver. And am working on a way to load OBJ files (that's how I got here. I wanted to see if I could get the objloader to work from the desktop, since I cannot get it to work in the Playground via file chooser. I can only get .babylon files to load successfully in that case.) If you're curious about that, see: So I thought I would try a different tack. After all, I should be able to load .js files locally (static HTML), including the objloader extension. But I didn't anticipate that I would have problems with getting babylon.js to work in that situation. It seems it must be something simple, after all this is just the beginner sample that the docs list. Nothing fancy. But after a number of hours of searching forums and experimenting, I'm out of ideas. Thanks! index.html