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Found 3 results

  1. Hi guys, Recently I intend to keep my game running at the approximately same speed while the player switch to another tab, it means I need to keep my movieClip(animatedSprite) and Tween object(I am using GreenSock) running while losing tab focus, since RAF will stop, I use setInterval to keep updating PIXI.ticker.shared. const ticker = PIXI.ticker.shared; setInterval(() => { ticker.update(); }, 20); However, setInterval's minimum is limited to around 1000ms when the tab focus is blur, so my movieClip‘s update rate is the same, which is much slower. Now, i am thinking to record the deltatime and set the movieClip to specific frame accordingly on each update, then have to deal with the callback like onRepeat or onComplete, Is there a simpler way to achieve this?
  2. Hi, I have created a tabbed text using tabs property of text. This works fine until I try to add color to text using addColor function of text. This removes the tabbing done on the text. Example here: //Phaser game initialization var game = new Phaser.Game(480, 320, Phaser.AUTO, 'game_div'); var gameStates = {}; gameStates.Main = function(game) {}; gameStates.Main.prototype = { create: function() { var textHeadings = this.add.text(20, 20, '', { fill: "#ffffff", tabs: [80, 140] }); var headingsArray = [ ['id', 'score', 'country'], ['1', '2300', 'US'], ['2', '1890', 'AUS'], ['3', '1000', 'US'] ]; textHeadings.parseList(headingsArray); //uncomment this line to see the issue //textHeadings.addColor("#00ff00",2); } } game.state.add('Main', gameStates.Main); game.state.start('Main');
  3. I just finished my Phaser based MMO game and got a big problem. Please help me and sorry for my English. So: 1) I start my game in browser. 2) Then I do switch tabs and minimize the game in browser. 3) Then this command starts:"game", true, false, ...); 4) And the problem is, that callback function "myState.preload" doesn't start before you switch back to the game.