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Found 2 results

  1. Space Resistance is a Space Invaders style action game. You're in control of a cosmic ship and you have to destroy dozens of alien life forms. There are two game modes. In the story mode your task is to repel the aliens from your planet and eventually from the whole universe. In the survival mode you have to resist new and new waves of enemies as long as possible. Various bonuses which you can buy for points acquired by destroying enemies will help you during the course of game. Every ten levels you will be able to upgrade one of the attributes. Home page: Game contains: -2 game modes -Colourful effects -Screen shaking -Bosses! -Perfect game-play balance -Beautiful neon-styled graphics -English and Czech translation Developed by: Program: Raiper34 Graphics: Rostas Music and Sounds: Free resources from the Internet Translation: PcMaster, Blackpuffle Betatest: Raiper34, Noga, Loric, Sheppard, MichMond, Jan SlavĂ­?ek Special Thanks:: Noga and Screens: PLAY
  2. mmorsi

    [WIP] Omega

    I am pleased to announce the v0.7.1 release of the Omega Simulation Framework. The release has been cut and tagged on github and deployed to the Omegaverse node. Omega is an Open Source (AGPL) universe / space sim that serves requests over JSON-RPC. Users may use clients running on any platform to connect to the sim via any transport to create and control cosmic entities, ships and stations, recurring missions & events, and more. Omega comes w/ a full featured WebGL frontend based on Middleman and three.js. This renders components in real time and allows users to access and manipulate entities right from the web browser. Many thanks go out to all those involved with the project so far, both on the technical and community side for their awesome and hard work! New contributors are also more than welcome, and if anyone had any thoughts / ideas or questions, we'd love to hear them! This release brings many new features including new graphics and animations for Omega entities and operations, optimizations and fixes to the frontend and backend, various new mechanisms through which to interact with the simulation, and more. You can view the complete changelog here Be sure to follow the repo and join our chat channel and mailing list to keep up with updates. Until next time, happy hacking!