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Found 1 result

  1. Hello everyone. I am new to this forum so first of all, hello everyone! I have been working on a new local gaming platform this weekend and would like your feedback. I would be happy with technical input but also with input about the idea or what you would like to see to use this platform. The idea of this platform is that people can use their mobile phone to control the player in their game which is being displayed on a computer monitor or a television. In the current state, the project is still not stable but the basics work. I implemented up until now: two library files (xentha-server.js and xentha-client.js) which respectively represent the server and client library files, an API server which accepts API request (to register games or users) and socket connections from clients and a game socket. The API forwards data from and to the client and game socket. For example, client input to the game socket and layout definitions to be presented to the client. For now I used socket io to implement the socket connections, although I am not yet satisfied with the performance, I will see if I can replace this later on. As an example I took a game from the phaserJS examples: Invaders, and altered it a little bit to work with sockets, this still needs more work and contains singleplayer code, like: scores. Next to that, the code is not yet very well written. It still needs some improvement on the structure and redundancy of code. Current functionality Client library: - receive server commands: roomJoined, playerLeft, playerJoined - send input to server Server library (to add to your game): - Receive player input - Define client layout and send to clients (buttons, text) - createRoom, joinRoom, playerJoined, playerLeft - Receive client input - Audio Manager (play, pause) Website: - Profile - Register games. Ideas to work on Server library: - Custom achievements Website: - Lobby - Leaderboards Client -Custom HTML layout definitions All code can be found on github: Thank you in advance for any feedback. If you would be interested to help me improve it, let me know or create a pull request. Kind regards, Bram