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Found 3 results

  1. Hi, I would like to use a right handed coordinate system (thanks for adding support for that in 2.5) with the Z-axis pointing upwards. I tried to set the upVector for ArcRotateCamera, but the Z-Axis isn't pointing upwards afterwards and the mouse control is acting weird. Here is an example: Am I missing something? Thanks, Jan
  2. Is there any way to rotate sprite (concretely coin) along z-axis? It is 3d efect but maybe achievable in canvas and phaser by setting scale or other properties. Ultimate efect I want to achieve can be done by such spritesheet:
  3. Hi! I'm wondering how can i and whats the best way to handle some rendering order or some z axis depth? Like if i have a tree in my game and my character walk in front of a tree. It's ok, my character is on the first plan. But if my character walk behind the tree? How can i change the rendering order or the depth? Like this game when you pass behind or in front of houses or trees. Thank you