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Additional config file?


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I guess I could simply create a subsystem.config.js and load it up as a <script> in my index.html though this sounds a bit off. Though I guess it could work if I would just add : pandaConfig.subsystem = {};. Isn't there a more logical way of adding additional config files? I would preferably load up other js files with only a object with config values with addAsset() or something like that, this prevents the need to load up config files that might not be needed in the first place and could be loaded when needed. 

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Well, config might not be exactly the right term for this issue. I would like to add additional data files. For example, I've got a application which consists of a few different elements:


- Main menu

- - Game

- - Information about project

- - Trailer

- - A map of the project


I won't go into details about what these consist of, but the most important part is that the Game scene uses a lot of other assets then the rest of the scenes. What I'd also like to add as asset is a JSON file with the information about the level composition. This is something I would not like to include in the global config.js but I do like to add that as a separate pure JSON file for readability for my colleagues. 


Does that make any sense?

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