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get certain animation frame?


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var loop;var playingGroup;function preload() {    game.load.spritesheet('rpsLeft','assets/rps-left.png',92,86);}function dynamicSprite(x,key) {            loop = game.add.sprite(x,game.world.centerY- 35,key);            loop.animations.add('play',[0, 1, 2]);            loop.animations.play('play',20,true);            loop.smoothed = false;            playingGroup.create(loop);}btn = game.add.button(game.world.centerX - 70,game.world.centerY + 105,'rockSprite',this.btnRock,this,1,0,2,0);btn.input.useHandCursor = true;function btnRock() {//here..}

How can i get the certain spritesheet frame when I click the buttonRock?

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Thanks you valueerror for your answered,but I didn't get your point. Can you please kindly clarify.
The thing that I wanted is that get the specific frame to set the Rock image when clicking the button rock.

The code here is working fine. However, it seems not running smoothly.

function btnRock() {

   loop.animations.frame = 0;


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oh sorry.. i thought you want to get the current frame of the animation that loops at the moment..  you actually want to SET (not get) a specific frame on click on the button..


that should be easy too:

loop.frame=0;  //sets the sprite to frame 0 of it's spritesheet

you dont set the animation.frame because the animation just stopped.. so no animation is ongoing anymore..  just set the frame of the sprite directly

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i did NOT say the animation would stop automatically by setting sprite.frame


 i tried to say that at the specific line in your own code where you currently call "loop.animation.frame" your animation is (should be) already stopped... therefore you can just set a new sprite.frame - that's all


"loop.animations.stop(null,true);"   (or just "loop.animations.stop()"  as seen in your code stops the animation..  then set the frame you want.  


if this does not work.. provide a working demo in a zip file and i'll have a look why :)

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