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Managing Assets in Phaser


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I have been wondering what is the best way to manage assets in Phaser.

From all examples and tutorial I have seen, most of them only loads the assets needed, and never unload them.


If my game use heavy assets, there should have been a way to manage assets in memory (load and unload them), but in previous thread I have read, it is said that clearing assets from cache does not actually unload them from memory, due to it is still used by internal pixi system.


So, how do I load/unload assets properly in phaser? since I am pretty sure not clearing the assets will inevitably create out of memory error. Thank you.



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That is the problem, in other thread rich said that removing assets from Phaser Cache does not actually remove it from memory, because it is still used by internal pixi object, which is a huge deal.


So, what is the correct way to remove assets from memory, that is to prevent out of memory error.

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