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Building a bvh reader in babylon.js


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Generally, unless someone has already done something, you might have to do it yourself.  In that case, it is basically just one foot after the other.  You have bring in a bvh, text file, using a url, parse it, then ....  You might want to read the source of your example, checking for licensing issues, and use it for inspiration.


From another thread you started, is your goal to use Kinect as a sort of a motion capture system to write out a bvh, then play them using this?

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Does anybody knows a tutorial or a good place to start ?


Benoit, it seems to me that one of your first tasks is to build a script that will read and parse a .bvh file. Try googling  something like "javascript read parse .bvh file".


BVH files are just text files so you can open them with a simple text editor. The problems will come in how the data gets interpreted. For example, what is the "rest pose" used,  which axis is up (Z or Y),  rotation order and the names assigned each joint in the .bvh file so that it can be assigned to the right bone in your geometry.


Good luck with it :)


cheers, gryff :)

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