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Ironbane MMO - looking for programmers, 3D modelers, level designers


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Ironbane is an upcoming 3D action MMO played straight from your browser.

Development originally started in 2012 and reached 0.4.7 alpha at the end of 2013. We are currently rewriting everything because our codebase was a spaghetti bowl and we were experiencing memory leaks and sudden server crashes.

Project homepage

We just released v0.1.0 pre-alpha! Try it here.

Gameplay Videos

Tutorial walkthrough

Generic gameplay

Boss battle









Team Structure

Nikke (project lead, developer)

Warspawn (developer)

HardeL (developer, server ops)

Meanapple (pixel artist)

Eric (moderator)

Compensation plan

Potential revenues go to server costs, advertisements and other costs directly related to the core costs of the game. Should at some point, revenue be higher than the costs of the game resulting in a net profit, these profits are shared among the team proportionally to the amount of time each member invested.

Talent needed


Ironbane runs on Javascript, both the client and the server. We use Node.js on the server. On the client we work with ThreeJS and AngularJS.

Github organisation

Client repo

Server repo (Still empty for now)

Required skills

  • You need to have a basic understanding of how Javascript works in comparison to other languages, how it is dynamic etc.
  • You need a GitHub profile.
Nice to have
  • Previous experiences with MMO's or games that run in the browser.
  • Understanding of how Closures work
  • Understanding of how promises work
  • Previous experience with ThreeJS, AngularJS or Node.js
  • Experience with a CES system
3D Modelers

We work exclusively using Clara.io. In general, you may work in your favorite program for smaller objects, but it would be ideal if you tried to use Clara.io instead. Ironbane exports levels directly from Clara, and we know instantly how the end-result will look like in contrast to common importing problems when using 3rd party editing tools.

We have a low-poly styled pixel theme. This means that in general your models should be as lightweight as possible. Try to limit the amount of triangles in your 3D models. Take a look at the images and videos to get an idea of the polycount.

Example scene

Required knowledge

  • How 3D modeling works.
  • Why less polygons are better than more
  • Why you should remove polygons that can't be seen
  • What backculling is
Nice to have
  • Previous experience with Clara.io
  • Being able to create beautiful 3D models while still maintaing a low polycount
  • Being able to unwrap and texture (though our game relies mostly on simple box unwraps with tiled textures)
Level designers

We work exclusively using Clara.io. Ironbane exports levels directly from Clara, and we know instantly how the end-result will look like. We also place entities such as NPC's, lights and particle systems directly in Clara.

Being a level designer means more than being able to work with a program. You need to have a thorough understanding of what makes a level interesting. You are given all freedom in designing your levels, as long as it doesn't violate the core theme of the game.

Example scene

Required knowledge

  • A thorough understanding of what makes a level interesting
  • Being able to place entities in a balanced way (NPC's and monsters)
Nice to have
  • Previous work of maps created. Do you have a portfolio?

E-mail: [email protected]

Skype: janssen.n

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