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Found 11 results

  1. Hello all! I am new to developing games for the web, and this forum, even though I found some topics helpful before I joined. I have made a game using Phaser3 Framework, and everything works fine, except when I am trying to access the current scene to be able to exchange data from it with AngularJS directive wrapped around the game. I have written a directive in Angular to host the code of the game: app.directive('phaserGame', function() { return { restrict: 'E', scope: false, replace: true, transclude: false, controller: function($scope) { // This is the config object // 'parent' property defines the div id into which the game is to be injected $scope.config = { width: 800, height: 450, backgroundColor: '#36A9E1', scene: [MainScene, ArenaScene], parent: 'gameDiv' } // This is the most important line // This object creates the canvas and runs the game. $scope.game = new Phaser.Game($scope.config); //console.log($scope.game.scene); var arenaScene = $scope.game.scene; console.log(arenaScene) } } }); The last two lines of the directive display an object of the scene manager inside the console as follows: https://imgur.com/a/B9ONp0N If I try to retrieve any of the two scenes through that object, using: var arenaScene = $scope.game.scene.getAt(1); I get an undefined value. Note: I have tried the same without angularJS to no avail.
  2. Hello guys, I lost my other html5gamedevs account @Nicholls but I want to share with you guys my new contribution to Phaser 3, a web component to integrate Phaser with any other Framework (Angular, React, Vue.js, etc): https://github.com/proyecto26/ion-phaser This is very useful because you don't need to manipulate the DOM directly using ids and you can use Phaser like any other component. From the GitHub repo you can find some examples, also check from Codepen too: https://codepen.io/jdnichollsc/full/oRrwKM Regards, Nicholls
  3. Hi, My angular application is constantly changing these days because our team runs rapid updates right now. Because of cache, our clients do not always have the newest version of our code. So is there a way in angular to force the browser to clear cache? Thank You kosmiktechnologies.com
  4. Hi, I want to how to integrate the existing Angular js site into MVC.?.In angular js files are in .html.But in mvc i want created the views.So can any one can suggest on this?. In the app.js the code written as temp url but its not navigated to pages. And also I want to know how to write controllers for this? kosmiktechnologies.com
  5. tleberre

    Create a 2D Map

    Hello, I don't know if this is a real good place de ask this, but i try I would like to create a geolocaliser in trains. For this, i have plans based on the country and type of the train and the wagon. I have all criterias here : http://rail.arukikata.com/ticket/seat/seat-tgvbru.pdf I was wondering what's the best practices to to this ? Should i transform my png or jpg into a SVG and then map it to a own 2D grid-map ? I'm new on this, so any advices/tips are more than welcome Thanks P.S : The only thing is that the core of the app is using AngularJS
  6. Hello guys I meet some trouble with BabylonJS and AngularJS. I have an angular project and some babylonJS scripts. I would like to integrate my babylon pages into my pages made with angular. When I just open a babylon page by double clicking, everything is working well. When I ask to angular to open this same page into another page (with a div for instance with ng-include), my 3D environment loads and appears without problems while one second and then all my lights shut down but I still can see my animation working (but in the dark). I have an error in the console "WebGL is not supported". This error does not appears when I'm opening my page alone without angular. I really don't know why angular reacts like that. Does someone has an idea? Hope my explanations were clear, if not, do not hesitate asking me questions Thanks for your help !
  7. Hi, I wanted to show my first game html5 game. It is written in angularJS and uses CSS for responsiveness. It looks like that: It has got: webpage: http://squaredlines.com/ playstore page: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.linessquared and as I am posting it in Html5GameDev community, I made it available in the browser: http://squaredlines.com/stratagemone/ on the page there is also twitter/facebook. I wanted to write a game for like two years, since I like a game. Nine months ago I have been discussing media and mathematics with my friend. We were talking about cutting a binary chain (array of binaries) into pieces and reconstructing it. What happens when you represent the chain as line or surface, what happens with size of elements, limits on cutting etc. I have done some experimenting and choose for the first game the most elementary from UX perspective - 2d blocks of binaries. I did not know how to program almost at all, I have been skipping through this forum, I have learned some basic html/css (by writing a very primitive blog engine) I knew how to write in python but I did not know how to run python, I knew set theory and boolean logic, but I did not know what a console in web browser is etc. I decided to go for AngularJS/CSS combo. Then I have added HammerJS/AngularHammer for touch control. The font is open font Teko from Indian Foundry. For sound I use synth in webaudio. Then, as I did not know about publishing games, I went for publishing it on Android. To publish it I used cordova with: cc.fovea.cordova.purchase 3.11.0 "Purchase" cordova-plugin-admobpro 2.8.3 "AdMob Plugin Pro" cordova-plugin-crosswalk-webview 1.2.0 "Crosswalk WebView Engine" cordova-plugin-extension 1.1.4 "Cordova Plugin Extension" cordova-plugin-globalization 1.0.1 "Globalization" cordova-plugin-google-analytics 0.8.0 "Google Universal Analytics Plugin" cordova-plugin-splashscreen 2.1.0 "Splashscreen" cordova-plugin-whitelist 1.0.0 "Whitelist"/nl.x-services.plugins.socialsharing 4.3.19 "SocialSharing" Crosswalk is very nice, it works only for 4.0+ but it makes it work there. I think the game has got some problems which are hard to undo. For example control was previously meant for hoover. Hoover had been eliminated on mobile for long. After rewritting hoover mechanic in touch control it is not perfect on mobile and it is not perfect on desktop. Tutorial has some issues, including the fact that it is not working in game engine, it is more of a separate interactive animation. Combo system is too clever for its own good - almost nobody gets it. Bonus/overflow system also is overcomplicated. In the end one may say there are too many game mechanics/no visible progression. I like it anyway. The single biggest problems in development was lack of knowledge about the tools. I did not know that there is a console in the browser/which text editor to get, its role (I use Brackets)/basic commands and package system - npm / git usage, cmd for windows etc. I have learned a lot and I am thinking about making the last, final version by modifying my js13k entry, which was written for scratch and has got better controls, and rewriting it in panda. I want to keep the resizing from css by writing it myself and I want it to be my first linted code. Then I want to do some game jams using html5. js13k was a lot of fun. If you could tell what would you do to improve on the game / or maybe havegot some idea for distribution, I would be glad to listen.
  8. Ironbane is a 3D Action Rpg MMO built using HTML5 Play Now! http://play.ironbane.com/ We've just released a new version 0.4 pre-alpha. Our technology stack is using [MeteorJS](http://meteor.com/). This allows us to use the concept of reactivity and apply it in a gaming context, which is very cool but experimental to say the least. In addition we're using AngularJS on top of MeteorJS (http://angularjs.meteor.com/). This unique combination allows us to re-use a lot of components while still making good use of Meteor's concepts which are very helpful for us. We use THREE.js for the rendering engine, as well as a custom Component Entity System built around it. We're now fully utilising [Clara.io](http://clara.io/) as our level editor of choice. Sam has been creating the Tower of Doom map (https://clara.io/view/eab429cf-33e9-4ff0-9d47-ec9670da47cb) in this editor, and we're very happy so far with the results. Our game can directly pull the levels from Clara, read entities and put them in our game. This allows our level editors to place enemies and other entities anywhere they want without the developers having to manually export/import them to the game. Please check out our game and our forums at http://ironbane.com !
  9. Stolo is looking for experienced front-end developers with a desire to work and gain experience in HTML5. The successful candidate will play a major part in the development process. As a developer, you will be making use of an internal engine and third party APIs as well as custom tools to develop games and mobile applications.You will be involved in the entire process from design to release and therefore have a strong influence on the overall product. Working alongside production, design and technology teams as well as the client themselves. We are looking for people who are solution oriented; seeking new challenges and looks at technology as a tool to achieve an entertaining and innovative result. We believe that raw talent combined with a positive attitude is what is needed to make great games and applications. RESPONSIBILITIES : Develop mobile web games and applications using an internal HTML5 engine, JavaScript, and third party frameworks with a high degree of accuracy and proficiencyParticipate in creating prototypes and game mechanicsCode for multiple browsers, platforms and devices (mobile-first/adaptive coding).An ability to work effectively within a team structureCreate, maintain, and debug innovative mobile web games and applications REQUIREMENTS Very good knowledge of Javascript for mobile devicesVery good knowledge of CSS3, HTML5, 2D CanvasAbility to use external libraries and frameworksA wish to learn and share knowledge and experience with other team members;Curious and passionate about popular culture, entertainment, technology and gamesBilingualism (French / English)
  10. Ironbane is an upcoming 3D action MMO played straight from your browser. Development originally started in 2012 and reached 0.4.7 alpha at the end of 2013. We are currently rewriting everything because our codebase was a spaghetti bowl and we were experiencing memory leaks and sudden server crashes. Project homepage We just released v0.1.0 pre-alpha! Try it here. Gameplay Videos Tutorial walkthrough Generic gameplay Boss battle Screenshots Team Structure Nikke (project lead, developer) Warspawn (developer) HardeL (developer, server ops) Meanapple (pixel artist) Eric (moderator) Compensation plan Potential revenues go to server costs, advertisements and other costs directly related to the core costs of the game. Should at some point, revenue be higher than the costs of the game resulting in a net profit, these profits are shared among the team proportionally to the amount of time each member invested. Talent needed Programmers Ironbane runs on Javascript, both the client and the server. We use Node.js on the server. On the client we work with ThreeJS and AngularJS. Github organisation Client repo Server repo (Still empty for now) Required skills You need to have a basic understanding of how Javascript works in comparison to other languages, how it is dynamic etc.You need a GitHub profile.Nice to havePrevious experiences with MMO's or games that run in the browser.Understanding of how Closures workUnderstanding of how promises workPrevious experience with ThreeJS, AngularJS or Node.jsExperience with a CES system3D Modelers We work exclusively using Clara.io. In general, you may work in your favorite program for smaller objects, but it would be ideal if you tried to use Clara.io instead. Ironbane exports levels directly from Clara, and we know instantly how the end-result will look like in contrast to common importing problems when using 3rd party editing tools. We have a low-poly styled pixel theme. This means that in general your models should be as lightweight as possible. Try to limit the amount of triangles in your 3D models. Take a look at the images and videos to get an idea of the polycount. Example scene Required knowledge How 3D modeling works.Why less polygons are better than moreWhy you should remove polygons that can't be seenWhat backculling isNice to havePrevious experience with Clara.ioBeing able to create beautiful 3D models while still maintaing a low polycountBeing able to unwrap and texture (though our game relies mostly on simple box unwraps with tiled textures)Level designers We work exclusively using Clara.io. Ironbane exports levels directly from Clara, and we know instantly how the end-result will look like. We also place entities such as NPC's, lights and particle systems directly in Clara. Being a level designer means more than being able to work with a program. You need to have a thorough understanding of what makes a level interesting. You are given all freedom in designing your levels, as long as it doesn't violate the core theme of the game. Example scene Required knowledge A thorough understanding of what makes a level interestingBeing able to place entities in a balanced way (NPC's and monsters)Nice to havePrevious work of maps created. Do you have a portfolio?Contact E-mail: [email protected] Skype: janssen.n
  11. Hi Pandajs experts! How can I make pandajs and angularjs work together? I would like to experiment on getting a resource object and use it in a game. Is that possible? Or is there any other js framework that can do the job? Thanks!
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