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Thank you all so very much


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I just want to say thanks to Rich and the Phaser team for all their hardwork, also the Phaser community for being so helpful. Words can't express how much it means to me.

Before Phaser, I used to be a Flash developer, who loved Flixel, which I had a blast working with.

I have fund memories creating a Borderands 8 bit style game, which was popular in the console gaming scene a few years ago. Then there was the fall of flash, I began to lose interest in online stuff, I wasn't a big fan of Front end work and a lot of other html5 game engines so things weren't all good till I found Phaser. In the company I work with, I've been able to create a handful of games for Nickelodeon UK using Phaser and I feel so inspired once again. I am now working on my first mobile app, which is based on the city Lagos in Nigeria, where I grew up before moving to the UK, I have a working demo of the gameplay here, so any criticism or advice would be helpful :-)


Once again, thanks to Rich and the Phaser team for making my life more interesting, I really really appreciate all the hardwork put into it.

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Thanks Rich, and here are the links. They asked for engines where they could create their own games by just adding assets in an xml file so all these were built  in a way that they could create other games by editing the xml. 











This one was created by Nick jr by using the xml and js files I set up o they just add their assets and change properties and functionality: http://www.nickjr.co.uk/play/lilys-driftwood-bay/lilys-driftwood-bay_hide-and-seek


And this I created with Flixel back in the days, just found it still up on some site: http://www.g4g.it/fgv/2012/08/27/borderlands-2-8-bit-demake/

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