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Is there a way to set maximum speed for an object?


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I am making a video game where you have a spaceship that cannot exceed a certain maximum speed, which for the time being I've set to 100. The problem is that this all depends on the x and y velocity components. The coding involved would have to check for angle as well as the current x and y velocities and make sure neither exceeds their componential max velocity (which depends on what the angle currently is). If I were traveling in a purely x or y direction, the component would max out at 100. But if I were traveling at a 45 degree angle they'd both have to max out at about 70. Is there a function that Phaser provides to do this, or will I need to compute it using my own math?

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  function constrainVelocity(sprite, maxVelocity) {    if (!sprite || !sprite.body) {return;}    var body = sprite.body    var angle, currVelocitySqr, vx, vy;    vx = body.data.velocity[0];    vy = body.data.velocity[1];    currVelocitySqr = vx * vx + vy * vy;    if (currVelocitySqr > maxVelocity * maxVelocity) {        angle = Math.atan2(vy, vx);        vx = Math.cos(angle) * maxVelocity;        vy = Math.sin(angle) * maxVelocity;        body.data.velocity[0] = vx;        body.data.velocity[1] = vy;        console.log('limited speed to: '+maxVelocity);    }};

this works very well for me..  put the function call into your update loop :)

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