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How to disable collision for body


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You can use the processCallback in the collide function. The 4th parameter is a function which, if it returns true, will allow the collision to happen, otherwise the collision will be ignored. This allows you to keep the body enabled for velocity calculations etc, but just temporarily disable collisions between these two objects. If you set enableObstacleCollide to true, the obstacle will begin colliding with the player again:

var enableObstacleCollide = false;game.physics.arcade.collide(player, obstacle, function() {  // do any collision stuff here}, function() {  if (enableObstacleCollide) {    return true;  }  return false;});
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Using the following: 

game.physics.arcade.overlap(bullets, aliens, collisionHandler, null, this);

how do I structure the syntax to do the following:


var enableObstacleCollide = false;        game.physics.arcade.overlap(bullets, aliens, collisionHandler, null, this){        }, function() {          if (enableObstacleCollide) {            return true;          }          return false;        });

Not quite there is it... o.O! 



I basically want to switch collision off once the aliens been hit, cause in my version he hangs around a bit.

It's strange tho, when the alien has been hit once, I'm changing it's group, so it should not be affected by this at all once the aliens been moved to a different group. But it is o.O :(

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