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Recently I have found out about Babylon js, and I have been pretty satisfied with it's simplicity once I started using this framework. But I have also encountered some problems.

When I try to move my ArcRotateCamera around 3D object, I get weird animation when rotating. For example: when i press left mouse button and quickly drag away, my camera still rotates (for second or less) after I have released my mouse button.

I belive this is meant for games to have smoother camera rotation. But what if i want my camera to immediately stop after i release mouse button? How can I stop my camera animation?


I don't need Babylon js for games, I need it to display some construction objects and then edit their positions via mouse. This animation just makes moving objects with my mouse much harder.


Any idea?




SHORT STORY:  I dont want smooth slowing camera rotation  ->  I want to stop it immediately after releasing mouse button!



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