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set properties of group members


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I got a game class and various enemy classes.

e.g. a class 

BasicGame.Enemy_1 = function(){  this.name = "Enemy_1";  this.hp = 10;};



BasicGame.Enemy_2 = function(){  this.name = "Enemy_2";  this.hp = 330;};

in both classes sprite/image properties are also set for a game sprite to be created from these informations


now in my game i want to collision detect my player and instances of the above enemies (1-n)

for this i think i need a "group" of enemies, which can be achieved with

this.enemies = game.add.group();

so that i don't have to check each enemy instance collision on it's own.

afterwards i'd like to add various enemy instances to this group and display them.


the problem is, that only sprite/display objects could be added to groups.

but when i only add the sprites, all my properties, like hitpoints, damage, aso. cant get read from the sprite itself.

i thought that i could write a helper function to add all needed properties from the class to the sprite, but i didn't find a method "addProperty" for sprites (like there is one for groups - "setProperty")


what's the best way to set the needed properties, which could be read from colliding objects aso.?


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Adding a property is easy as:

this.existingEnemySprite.property = 20;this.existingEnemySprite.name = "enemy01";

Collision with group goes:

game.physics.arcade.collide( this.player, this.yourGroup, this.collisionFunc);

and your function for different enemyTypes:

collisionFunc: function( _player, _enemy){    if (_enemy.name = "enemy01"){        // ... do for enemy 01    }}
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