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Need help better understanding the 'this' keyword


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Hello, I need some help understanding the 'this' keyword.

var person=function(name,age){this.name=name;this.age=age;};var Bob=new person("bob",23);

for that you can just do Bob.age and get his age but I can't figure out a way to do this:

var person=function(name,age){this.name=name;this.age=age;this.printAge=function(){console.log(this.age);};};var Bob=new person("Bob",23);Bob.printAge();

Thank You

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A few points:

  1. Your code works, what's the problem? :)
  2. It's a widely-accepted convention to give instantiatable functions (class-like functions like your 'person' function) names that start with a Capital Letter. Whereas instances normally have lower-case names. It's only a convention, but everyone does it so I'd suggest you do it too
  3. "this" is the current context. Complicated subject, I recommend reading this explanation
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