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2D game art: royalty free game graphics


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Christmas in nigh! What does it mean?

That it’s time to create new gamers and excite gamers with Christmass mood!

Christmas Gift

But… there’s just one problem (when there wasn’t?). Any game consists of the elements: gameplay, engine and graphics. Sure, you can and will contrive the first and program or buy the second… but what’s about graphics?


Christmas Gift

Hiring an artist is classics. A nice pro could easily create characters, maps and GUI.

How much will it cost? It definitely won’t  come just to a hundred $...

And what about time? Doesn’t a high quality work require accuracy, diligence?

At the same time everyone has before-Christmas-emergency-rush.

Christmas Gift

Oh, sure one can always try to do the artist’s work by himself! One that is already experienced with Photoshop, Illustrator, FLASH, etc.

And Jingle Bells are already playing in all the stores!

What can be done to get the great graphics set and to release on the very Christmas time?

You need a source of splendid unique graphics you may use in minutes!

Christmas Gift

Lucky you!!!

We’ve got such a source right for you, right over here!

At GAMEARTTREASURY.COM artists offer their unique work for your games at the most convenient prices!

Christmas Gift

On the occasion of the GameArtTreasury site opening everyone may pretend to getting a unique 15$ graphics set absolutely for free!

What should you do?

-         Click on the link to the site

-         Register your e-mail using the field for participating in the drawing

-         Invite more friends to do the same, as every tenth is a winner – the more participants, the more winners!

Christmas Gift


Don’t waste you time – grab the opportunity to be one of the first customers and get unique graphics for your games. Hasten all the game creation process – from new adds to entire new worlds!

We are always grateful for sharing this news! Thank you!

Christmas Gift

Best Regards


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