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Found 6 results

  1. arun

    Game Art

    Hi friends, I am a new phaser game developer. I am facing with graphics problems. where can I bring graphics? or how can make my own graphics graphics using free and opensource software
  2. Hi friends, Can I make professional game graphics with Inkscape or any other opensource graphics software?
  3. Hey Guys! I’ve decided to make HTML5 Game Templates and Graphics giveaway . Everyone subscribes the website will get a random Template or Graphics! Here is the list of what you may get. Click this link to join the giveaway : http://td2tl.com/assets/free-html5-game ... -graphics/ Also you can follow me on twitter for a chance to get an extra item! Please don’t forget to share or leave a comment on this thread! I will give 2 random items for each if the subscriber count passes 1k.
  4. We have now launched a brand new marketplace for game developers, offering free and paid graphic assets in ready to use themes with seamless and beautiful design. No more looking around for that character, background or tile set that just won’t look good together! We have managed to gather the best designers around the world and unite our efforts to create amazing eye-candy graphics that game developers/builders can use for their games. Our themes contain animated characters, tile sets, backgrounds, weapons, projectiles, GUI, basically everything you need to create your game in one single pack
  5. Hi game devs! I produce 2d graphics and sell it on microstocks. If you need 2d assets for really small money please check my folio here or my facebook page here Thanks!
  6. Christmas in nigh! What does it mean? That it’s time to create new gamers and excite gamers with Christmass mood! Christmas Gift But… there’s just one problem (when there wasn’t?). Any game consists of the elements: gameplay, engine and graphics. Sure, you can and will contrive the first and program or buy the second… but what’s about graphics? Christmas Gift Hiring an artist is classics. A nice pro could easily create characters, maps and GUI. How much will it cost? It definitely won’t come just to a hundred $... And what about time? Doesn’t a high quality work require acc
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