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"retail" demo not working in safari


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movement in the "retail demo doesn't work on safari on a 2013 macbook air. the demo also plays at 122fps, which seems odd. it works fine in chrome so i don't really care but i thought the developers might want to know.


UPDATE: it's the same for the other demos. in "hill valley" the frame rate is 85, you can't even look around, and the rainbow loading symbol appears.

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I'm having a issue with a number of the demos when I view them in Firefox (v33.1.1) including the "Retail" demo.


The demos load fine but I can't move with arrow keys (or if I can, it is very very very slow). Mouse rotation  is fine


I've tried the Windows Cafe, Heart, Espilit, and Flat 2009 - all the same.


To check it was not my KB - I tried a 3rd party demo - Gallery by G Carlander - works fine.


Not sure what is going on :huh:


cheers, gryff :)

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Ok, found them.  I can report that on an old OS, lion, with Safari 6.1.6, I had a very hard time even getting it to load.  Was hanging with 16 items remaining.  Did finally get it to load on the 5th try, but could not move the camera.  No errors except the manifest 404.


Ran with an old version of Firefox, 27.0.1, and it loaded right up.  Mouse pad was very responsive.  Ran as fast as my Ubuntu, Firefox 33.0, desktop.


I ran some of my own stuff on Safari (using 1.14RC), including one with a small .babylon, and everything worked as expected.  An arc rotate camera was very responsive.  Do not know what else to try.  Looked & found about 2 gb free memory.

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We've also noticed that some scenes don't load all items in Firefox, and due to these inconsistencies, we have determined not to specifically support Firefox at this time - unfortunately.  As we progress, we'll be checking Firefox compatibility, but it's not a priority since we cannot currently pinpoint the problem.  It almost appears to be an issue with hardware and browser version, since Firefox development seems inconsistent from platform to platform.  Regardless, we'll continue to check compatibility, however until the Firefox browser becomes more stable (in our opinion), we can't count on using it for development.

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