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Create 3d Home and move man using keyboard in Babylonjs


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I don't have a full source example 

but If I was implementing that myself I would probably use a first person camera

and on keypress of wasd move the camera around the scene within that moving method I would implement collision detection 


though your scene might be different? You want third person or top down,

I think if you describe what you want, and then try and implement it, when you get stuck on a particular thing 

report back and we'll try our best to help

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Hi Arcanine,


   Thanks for your reply. Currently i have made camera.speed = 0 and on keypress i am adjusting the the x,y, and z axis but now i am not able to get how to detect the collission . I am attaching the javascript file what i am using now. My requirements, just think of any house with normal wall and normal man who can move anywhere(but obviously he cannot cross the wall so he have to take turn or whatever), so same thing i want but using keyboard ie. man can move using keyboard(Left, right, Up, down) and i want to disable all mouse events(or it should not move through x axis, i mean house cannot be tilt, i mean bottom part should not lift). Let me know if you still didn't get.






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