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FireProceduralTexture and alpha


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I test the procedural textures and it's really cool and simple. I think this can not be simpler.
But there is something that makes me think of a bug. FireProceduralTexture on the black parts should not be transparent?
Thanks DK and Etienne, This V2 gonna be awesome. (ca vas tout déchirer  :D )
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Hello dad72,


This is now available. You have a alphaThreshold (number between 0.0 and 1.0) property available in the FireProceduralTexture like in the sample here : http://www.babylonjs-playground.com/#1ERYAL

  • 0.5 is the default value. 
  • smaller value will make the texture more opaque
  • bigger value will make the texture more transparent


Is it better?



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I see you still use opacityTexture which makes less vivid image.


In fact I just saw the normal texture without opacityTexture and implement transparent, this which is black, but maybe it is not technically possible. i dunno.


See the difference between the two. a is more fade:

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