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Collision Accuracy


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Does anyone know how reliable/accurate arcade collisions are? Im finding a sprite passes through a block roughly 1/50 times, and I can't recreate the error myself.


I've read somewhere that phaser arcade collision isn't absolutely 100% accurate, especially at lower frame rates, could anyone confirm whether this is true?



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True, and I don't know how to fix it. :) Somebody suggested changing body.mass for the player and the floor but that doesn't help in my case. Other solutions work with setting arcade.TILE_BIAS to 40 (sometimes different numbers), which isn't helpful for me since I don't use the included tile system. Very annoying for me, considering changing to p2 (though somebody said that none of the physics engines included in phaser support continuous collision detection and therefore all have this problem.


You COULD try and implement box2d or another continuous collision detection physics engine, of course... :/


What rich said in November '14 (here) :

It's still possible for 2 objects to pass through each other if they are moving fast enough that they jump through in a single update - fixed-steps can't fix this, only a continuous collision detection system can, and that isn't built into this release.



This lets me hope it will be built into phaser later (and I hope "later" is "sooner"  :) )

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